Phillips 900 low acc playback volume

Hi everybody! I’ve always been curious about the DCC format, and recently acquired a Phillips 900.

DCC playback sounds fantastic on the unit! However, ACC playback volume is very low and hissy, even on dolby b tapes with nr engaged.

I’m aware they are not recommended to play ACC. However, I’m wondering if this is a symptom of being in need of a recap somewhere? And not being comfortable on that level of electronic repair, how difficult/expensive would that repair be in the US?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hi, Pretty sure that most will agree that a 900 will need the read/write board and the AD/DA board re-capping. I have a first generation Marantz DD-82 that I recapped the read/write board on some 10 years ago when I was a mere 40 something & before my eyesight took a dive :frowning_face: Now I am fast approaching 54 and my machine though running well needs the AD/DA board recapping before something tragic happens. Im pretty sure @drdcc will be able to help you with a recap within the US. Hope this helps.


It is pointed out very often that one should ALWAYS replace the electrolytic capacitors on the two boards of the devices.


Does somebody have a list which caps are needed for both of the boards?
So I can order them before dismantling the two boards.

Thanks in advance!

These are the values for the capacitors.

2,2µF/35V/BP - 1 - Nichicon UMP1V2R2MDD
4,7µF/16V/BP - 2 - Nichicon UMP1C4R7MDD
10µF/16V - 9 - Nichicon UMV1C100MFD
22µF/6V3 - 1 - Nichicon UMV0J220MFD
68µF/10V - 4 - Panasonic EEA-GA1A680


Thanks everyone for the replies! Very impressed with the format, can’t wait to get the unit running properly!

Thanks Ralf, you’re the best!

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I have a list of the capacitors needed in .rtf file…
Lista condensatori DCC900.rtf (659 Byte)