Philips FW91 Hifi Mini set with audio issues

I bought myself a second hand FW91 set. :grinning:

At first i was very happy.
The set looks mint but the audio is very bad when i play a cd or listen radio
It is difficult to describe but it looks like something is missing, like bass and some sort of mono. (it does miss full sound let’s say)
The sound does change a little when i play with the audio settings but it still sounds bad and not what i think it should process.
Is there something common on these machines which can cause this issue. Does somebody have an idea what i can check first to solve this issue.

I found this topic online but it seems not related. Here it is about missing a channel but that is not the case with my device.

Maybe an issue with dry joint soldering on some of the boards?

The symptoms you mention make me think that you may be hearing the difference-signal between left and right.

If your speakers are wired correctly, you should have no trouble listening to AM stations (which are mono), and when listening to an FM stereo station, you should hear the DJ and news reader clearly and when you turn the balance control all the way to the left or right, you should hear one speaker go quiet. If not (AM stations are quiet and the FM DJ is hard to hear), check the wiring of your speakers.

Also, when you’re between the speakers, mono stations and sounds that should come from the center (such as news readers and singers of songs) should be obviously in the center between the two speakers. If they’re “all over the place” (and sound like they’re surrounding you), it means one speaker is connected in reverse.

If this kind of thing happens with some sources but not others, the problem may be in the wiring between that source and the receiver.


Hi @Jac Thank you for your answer. You maybe misunderstood me because of the way I wrote it down.
The stereo set sounds very bad. It sounds like I am listening to a Supertech audio set of 10 watts per channel of 50 dutch guilders out of the 90’s. :grin: with very plastic sound and no base at all, instead of the Philips sound the set should process.

Are there known issues for this set that I can look for like faulty capacitors or other things. unfortunately I can’t find anything on the internet.

I can make a video this weekend/week but it is difficult to hear the same sound in a YouTube video and in reallife to do the good compare.

I have one of those sets and yes it sounds very good, thanks to the equalizer.

Unfortunately mine is usually in storage because I don’t have space to put it out. And I don’t think I’ve ever even opened any of the components. I don’t know about any common problems but capacitors are usually the thing that goes bad.

Maybe you should ask your question in the mfbfreaks forum? There are a lot of people there with more knowledge about this kind of stuff.

Good luck!


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Thanks i will check that @Jac