Philips DCC951 no output signal

Hello DCC users. I’ve bought an extra DCC951 but there is no audio output. The error codes are all 1 and 20, so no signal. An analog tape gives on one channel a noisy and low level music signal and the other channel a crackle and ticking signal. I think that the head is defect. How can I test this? Has anybody seen this problem before? Is the head interchangeable with the DCC900? Regards, Pieter

Hi Pieter,
No, heads from DCC decks are not interchangeable, not even from 1 951 to another… for playback it will be fine of the head is from a same generation. For recording adjustments must be made for the recording current for all the heads are slightly different.
Allthough not common your complaint seems a bit the same as with a dcc900 where the caps are on their way out on the read/write board.

Ypu could try changing the read writeboard with the known good one… if the fault persists than it is the head…

Hello Fretlessfender, thanks for the information. First I swapped the compete tape unit, and the new DCC951 worked properly. After that I swapped the read/write board, but that didn’t help (both pcb’s are OK). So the conclusion is the DCC head is defect.
Now I have extra spare parts or maybe I can find a new head with read/wite pcb.
Regards, Pieter

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That search will not be easy, good luck!