Philips DCC900 - broken Preamp board


My story is as follow:
I sent my DCC900 to repair and technical service told me the “pre-amp” section is damaged, they send me pictures pointing a whole board failure (YK009D411-3L ??) do you know where could i get one of those boards tested & working?? I appreciate your help! Regards from Chile

PD: the following picture was shared to me by technical service.

Thanks for your cooperation and feedback!


Hi Francisco,
Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing.

We have a working spare board for you. If your technician has determined it un-repairable we can provide a used one from one of our donors. We do however, only provide spare parts to patrons of the dccmuseum, that help us keep the dcc format alive.

You can contact me at [email protected]


You’re going to have to give us MUCH more information than that.
What was wrong? What still works right? What did they do to try to correct it? What do they mean by “pre-amp”? Did they mean the head amp? Who are “they”? How much do they know specifically about DCC and the DCC 900?
The picture you’re showing is the motherboard. The plug in board is missing. Is that the problem?

=== Jac

Hello Jac
First of all … thanks for your reply!

I’m really not technician to provide more information. I sent it to the service because i could see the tapes play but no sound.
The technical service that i send it just “repair electrical stuff” is not like an official “philips service support” at all.
When I say “they” i mean the technical service office.
They told me “seems the pre-amp stage is not working… becuase this item (DCC900) is discountinued we can’t find a replacement, so if you can find it by another ways let us know it”
And “they” send me that picture, pointing the failure is “on that board” (they weren’t so clear to tell me if it’s a component the one broken / not working or the whole board)

That’s the situation


It sounds to me like they don’t really know anything about the DCC format or the recorder. A cassette deck would have preamplifiers, but a DCC recorder does not. They just took a general picture of where they think a Preamp might be on a regular cassette deck, but they really have no idea.

Most likely, if the player still performs its functions (play, stop, ffwd, rewind) but you don’t hear anything (and you have it connected correctly) and don’t see anything on the VU meters, most likely the SMD capacitors just need replacing. There is a small chance that the head is bad but that usually doesn’t happen by itself.

If the recorder is still at the repair place, tell them to ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT use a demagnetizer, that will kill the head.

If you don’t know anyone who knows enough about electronics to repair this, (more than these quacks who don’t even seem to be bothered to look up the service manual online), the DCC museum can probably repair it. Please send a private message to Ralf / Dr. DCC.


Thanks for all the information!! i really appreciate the time you gave me to explain all this.

I think i will sort it out by finding a better technical service with knowledge on those equipments