Philips DCC730 clicking sound when recording

I don’t know if it is an error or a “feature” but at the begining of most tracks I record there is a short audible click. When I finish recording first track I press rec pause. Then I press rec to start second track, which usually makes that unwanted sound. I use Philips NOS blanks to make recordings and record from Tidal directly via optical input.
Does anyone have this or it is some electronic fault ?

I can test with my 730 from a digitally connected CD player…

Would be nice of you…

@Jorn Can help maybe. We have seen this before.
It is most likely not a defect from the player, but it depends on the signal coming in via digital.


It’s not the tape!
It can be a number of things.
I have couple of questions, to get to the source of the problem.
What is the source for your recording?
Type of content?
What is the sample frequency?
Are it multiple single recordings. Record-pauze-rec etc.
How do you listen tot the recording, bij on analog out put or by a separate DAC.

My source is streaming - Tidal HIFI app, which is 16 bit/44.1 kHz routed from PC via USB to a external soundcard/DAC - Creative Soundblaster XFi SB1090 (which is set in Windows 10 for 16 bit/48kHz) and then to DCC via optical/Toslink cable.
This problem is nothing new, it was already there when I bought the DCC used about 1 year ago.
I usually record whole albums by each tracks separately just like prerecorded DCC, by the rec pause-rec sequence on DCC and play-stop on the Tidal app.
Then i listen to it by built-in DCC730 DAC by analog output connected to amplifier.
The click is heard when the new track starts.

Do you have something else that receives and transmits SPDIF, for example an SCMS defeater, a sample rate converter or another DCC or MiniDisc recorder? I suspect that the click happens because your device interrupts the SPDIF stream for a short time, or changes the format, at the beginning and/or end of a track. It takes a little while for the SPDIF receiver in the DCC recorder to catch up and re-synchronize with the incoming signal, which may be audible as a click because it mutes the D/A converter while it does it. An intermediate device (which generates an uninterrupted SPDIF stream even if the original stream breaks up) might fix the problem.


@chorazy3 Add to Jac comment.
The issue that you have is a combination that was not there when dcc came on the market.

The pre-set sample rate is 44.1khz.
So if there is for a shore moment no 48khz, the dcc recorder make a klink back to 44,1khz, this sound you can hear through the DAC convertor in analog.

There are two ways to solve,

  1. set your out put to 44.1khz.
  2. for example, you want to record for rec-pauze and you want the 2nd track to be recorded in your dcc.
    Go to the last 10sec of the 1st track, play this, pres rec when you hit 2nd track.
    In this way the sample freq switch is already done before you hid Rec.

Great ! Thank you for your answer. Will check and let you know if it helped.