Philips DCC Cleaning kit > can it still be used?

So now and than I see an original Philips DCC cleaning kit for sale.
Now I am thinking: " this is almost 30 years old, so not usable anymore" or " Using this might damage my DCC machines".

But…am I right? What do you think?

As long as the cleaning pads are still good and the solution in the bottle is still there you can use it. I do own such a kit and still use it from time to time and it works fine. Unless somebody in this forum tells otherwise you can safely use it!

Cleaning with isopropanol and a cotton swap is more thorough, but I don’t think it can cause damage. You may want to consider using isopropanol directly instead of the old mixture.

@Jac What do you think?

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I agree with @Max: A cleaning kit is nice to keep your recorders clean but it’s better if you do it by hand with a cotton swab and isopropanol.



Very true!
The cassette can be a quick fix though…

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I have my first DCC900 in use for a half year. What is the frequency for cleaning the heads? Is it preventive or do you clean if you notice that playing or recording are giving problems?

Well to be honest, mostly I play old self recorded tapes. And basicly they don’t leave any residue on the heads. I clean the heads, pinchrollers and capstan if I attempt a new recording…

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Was mostly intented for the analog tape residue that is causing all the problems.


I use the cleaning tape on my ‘number one player’ just to avoid damaging it with all kind of risky busseniss ( like, taking it out of the set, opening it, ant-static reactions and so on). And it is just great to have one ( actually i have two :))

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Sure you have…