Philips DCC 951 Peeps

Hello DCC Museum,

Is there a solution for the noise my Philips DCC 951 is making when playing a cassette? It’s peeping short when I turn it on, and something when playing a cassette too. Not constantly. I hope you’ve got enough information. I like to hear from you. Kind regards Kris

Hi and Welcome.
If the sound comes when playing a tape, it is the felt pad inside the tape, also called the slip stick effect.
Felt pads can easily be replaced.

We have them in stock.


It happens when there is no tape inside, at the point that I turn it on, it’s peeps for a bit and then stops. Also when playing the tape but that’s not the case I guess because it happens when there is no tape inside.


You can record audio or video and upload it here without using any 3rd party service. This could help us understand what you are referring to.

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Here is the video, you see it’s saying no cassette and making the noise. This noise also happens when playing a cassette.

Sounds like the belt is slipping. Try playing a regular analog tape and see if it plays at normal speed?

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Happens with an analog tape too!

I understand that, but the question is when you play a analog tape, if the playing speed is to slow possibly? Use a cassette with audio material you know well to test.