Philips dcc 91 there is no sound from the dcc cassette, the audio cassette reproduces perfectly

Hi! The problem is philips dcc 91 there is no sound from the dcc cassette, the audio cassette reproduces perfectly Please tell me a possible problem.

If the audio form analog is ok, make sure that the head is clean.
Sometimes it takes a bit of scrubbing to with IPA ad a swap.

the head is clean

You can download the service manual from and put the machine in service mode.
It will give you more information on the head - read write board.

How many pre-recorded DCC titles have you tried?

Do analog cassettes play at the correct speed? If yes, the belts should be fine.
How are the pinch rollers?

Let’s hope there is not an issue with the head.

Hello. I have tried more than 10 dcc cassettes with recording. on one dcc cassette, the sound appears and disappears on the B side. The speed of the audio cassettes is normal, the pressure rollers are normal. Please tell me how to put the car into maintenance mode, which I haven’t found (I don’t know English well (()

When should the fan in the back turn?

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Hi Kos62 and welcome. I take it you mean DCC951? To get into service mode- with the power switch off, you have to press stop and play at the same time and turn the power switch to on. I think you then make your way through the menu using the ffwd / rwd keys until you get to the page showing error rate.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for the answer!

As side B is playing with dropouts. Did someone adjust the screws positions left and right from the head (they should be sealed with red paint). If so, that might also be the problem.

The head turns from side A-B, so it is strange that only side B would play sometimes.

The DCC91 and DCC951 are completely different machines. The DCC91 is a 2nd generation 36cm wide system with “portrait” loader, and the DCC951 is a 3rd generation 42cm wide system with “landscape” loader, 18 bit audio and turbo drive.

And no, they don’t go to service mode the same way.


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Hi! No one adjusted his head. The paint is in place