Philips dcc 730

Hi, i am new here. I have a beautiful Marantz DD-82.
But, I recently buy a Philips DCC 730.

When i put a DCC cassete, the Sound does not come out, and dont recognize the title, artist etc.
I cleaned the head and still get the message head clean.

When i put a regular cassete, it plays, but the Sound is distorted and high on the Left channel.

Can someone help me?
Should a full recap solv this?

Thank you

Hi And Welcome.

I am not sure a recap will help, as distorted sound seems to be pointing to either an electronic problem or even worse a head problem.

Download the service manual first and try to see what the head is telling you about the channels in service mode.

I assure you tried pre-recorded tapes that do play on your Marantz 82?

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, The original DCC works fine on the Marantz DD-82.

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Hi, can you help me?

The channels from 1 to 8 says error 20

Channel 9 says 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Can you help? What does it means?

Thank you

It looks like the head could be worn as it shows a lot (way to many) errors.

Hi vascosobral and welcome!

Did you clean the head and capstan shafts and replaced the pinch rollers?

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