Philips DCC 600 stops after some minutes

Hello. My name is Klaus, I ask the first time in this forum an hope someone can help me.
I got a Philips DCC 600, I cleaned the mechanic and replaced the belts. Everthing seems to work correct but after some minutes (about 5 minutes) the playback stops. It seems it’s like the auto stop at reaching the end of the tape. Has someone knowledge about this problem?
Could it be that an condensator is damaged? On an other website I found a short information that maybe PartNr 7711 (IC LV1025) could cause the problem.

Thanks in advance,


has no one an idea? Does maybe the auto stop trigger to fast?
Or does someone know where I can buy the IC LV1025?

Hi Klaus,

Are the DCC tapes pre-recorded (original music) or record-able (home recorded) ?
Did the problem started after cleaning and replacing belts or where they a reason for these actions.

And also where/what have you found on PartNr 7711 ?
According to the schematic, at least the one i have found on several site’s, this part only has a part in the recording side of the R/W board.


Hi Andre,
thanks for your answer. I got the dcc 600 from a friend and it was a long time not in use. I have just one empty dcc cassette and a analoque compact cassette.
Now I got another problem, the cassette cant get ejected. The case is that the head stays in the play position and not moves back and also the head sometimes stops turning in not horizontal position, it stays slightly oblique.

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In order to further check it is best to remove the mechanism and take it apart like shown in our video about the gears for second generation players.

That way you will be able to remove the tape and also investigate if the gear is still ok, as this might be part of the problem.

Hi drdcc,
thanks for your answer. Maybe next weekend I have time to remove the mechanism and check the gear. But on playing or fast forward I didn’ had a loud noise like in the video.