Philips DCC 600, no play, it stops

Hello, I have a Philips DCC 600, which worked perfectly. One day he stopped. When you press play, it stops in a second, do not go forward, do not go back. I thought it would be the gear, it would be broken, it was indeed broken. I changed it, when testing its operation it keeps doing the same thing to me, I press play, and it stops. The drag tape, I touch it with my finger and it looks light. Could you tell me what could happen to him? Thank you

Hi and Welcome,
Is the new gear ok? No broken parts/teeth? Did you get the gear from the dcc museum?
It could also be the pinch rollers.


The equipment was ok, I bought it second hand, internally I don’t see any loose parts, and I don’t see any broken teeth. I have replaced the broken gear, and I have replaced the pressure rollers. The gear engages the teeth perfectly to the wheel. I haven’t changed the drive belt, because when I bought the parts, it was out of stock at the DCC Museum
When I insert the tape, it wants to start and stops, tries to start on the other side and stops. It did the same thing, when it stopped working, by putting on a tape.
Before it stopped working, it seemed like it sounded like cicadas. ever sounded that way. I don’t know if they would be from the dcc tape.
Could it be that the motor is broken, the one with the gear?

It could as the gear you received was tested here in a player.
The belt should not be causing this issue either and the pinch rollers are new.

One thing you could try is a drop of oil under the new gear (contact bottom of the player and bottom of the bigger gear) and then first wind a tape completely Forward and Backward 2 times and try and press play again.