Philips DCC 600 audio from original tape only one side

Hi to everyone, I’m new on this forum and I hope to explain well my problems:
I have a DCC 600 that after gear swap,head, capstan and pinch roller cleaning,plays perfectly analog cassette but with DCC tape I can hear sound only from one side (some tapes A side and som tapes B side) and some times, when I load a tape, try to play and than forward continuosly.
This test it’s made with original tapes, with recorded tapes with my old DCC 450 , it’s impossible hear sound from any sides. Thank you for helping.

If the head is 100% clean, check the flat cable coming from the main board to the mechanism.

You also need to test with a pre-recorded tape, to make sure it is not your own recorded tapes.
The older felt pads can cause problems.

Thank you very much, I’ll check flat cable… Anyway prerecorded tapes works great ,because with my other DCC 730 there are no problems.

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can check head in test mode for this DCC 600? Thank you!


On page 17 of
you will find all you need to know to enter service mode where you can test the function of the heads and many other things as well.


Thank you very much!