Philips DCC 170 (and others) pinch rollers

Hello guys !

I recently managed to repair my newly bought DCC 170. It needed only a belt replacement. Bought a belt at and the belt was exact specs as original=extra thin (whereas previously bought one for DCC 130 at was thicker; nevetheless both belts work ok).

DCC tapes play and record fine but there is a bit too much W&F with analog tapes.
I suspect pinch rollers as they are old, not so soft and one has little dent made of prolonged contact with capstan shaft because of broken belt (seen this already on analog cassette deck).

Did any one replace pinch rollers (probably just the rubber part) on portable DCC players ?
Maybe The Museum could make a instructable about this :slight_smile:

Playing analog tapes is not recommended on DCC players as they increase wear on the head and can shorten its lifetime. However, if a pinch roller has a dent, they should be replaced.


@Max is right not to be using analog tapes.
We have replaced the pinch rollers, but no new ones are available.

We will keep trying to re-create them. Replacing is a tough job as you need to remove the lid and possibly head assembly to safely get to them.