Philips dcc 134 playing for some seconds

Hello, I have just found a dcc 134 in perfect cosmetic condition. His problem is that when you turn it on, it starts for a few seconds, then it stops. The battery is well charged, it works perfectly on my DCC 175.
Anyone have an idea of the problem?

Hi, Most likely the belt, motor, possibly pinch rollers.
When you take the tape out, is t he tape looped outside the shell?

Many thanks for your quick answer.
Belt and pinch rollers seem to be ok. Tape works fine in my dcc 175.
I’m gonna replace the belt anyway.

Belt replaced, no improvement.
Here is a video of how the device works. Maybe it will be clearer.
Thanks for any reviews.

If you remove the DCC, is there tape looped out of the DCC shell?

Thank you for the answer.
No, the band stays inside the case and is well tight.
Kind regards.

I see you made the video with a DCC that’s playing from time code 62 minutes. Does that mean it’s trying to play near the end of the tape? Does it play better at the start of the tape? Does side A work better than side B or does it switch itself off on both sides, regardless where on the tape it’s playing?

(I’m wondering if the problem is related to excessive friction from a wrong size belt, or if one of the tacho sensors isn’t working).


Same problem with two other tapes that work perfectly on my DCC 175. I tried with a analog tape. Same results.
For you, what is the best thickness for the belt: 0,5 or 0,7 mm.

We have tried all sizes. I believe that the 0.7 is the better option.

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Here, I replaced the belt with a 0.5 then a 0.7, I checked and cleaned the “pinch rollers”, they are in perfect condition.
But no change, the device still has the same symptoms,
I tried tapes of different lengths (60, 75, 90 - new or used).
Texte préformaté I send a new video maybe more precise than the first one.
Any idea is welcome, thank you all.

Maybe It could be a sensor issue, or even a defect motor. The mirror like sensors (shaped like a gear/wheel). Are they clean?

Sorry to bother you again, but I looked through the service manual, but couldn’t find what the mirror like sensors is. Could you tell me where they are?
I did another test, when I start the player and press the “play” button every two seconds to reverse the play direction, the player doesn’t stop as long as I press. As soon as I stop changing the reading direction, the player stops after +/- 2 to 3 seconds.
Many thanks in advance.

Sometimes this sensor is dirty and / or does not work.

Many thanks. It’ll try this tomorrow (it’s already 10.40 pm here in Belgium).
Have a good day.

The sensors weren’t dirty. I cleaned them anyway.
Unfortunately, no result.
I leave the device aside, maybe one day someone will find the solution. I know my limits and I will not attempt manipulations that would further damage the device.
Thanks again for the help.

Those sensor wheels are mostly not the problem, the sensor that picks it up might be…
Is it out of alignment or worse not working at all?
The symptoms you show points in the way of the latter… the recorder is not aware that the tape is travelling so it shuts down to prevent tape damage…
Hope this helps!