Panasonic rq-dp7

Hi! I bought a Panasonic RQ-DP7 in good condition but not working. i changed the belt (quiet easy compared to the 170er model). I changed the leaked caps but the board has a few parts where you can see the damaging of the leaked caps.

So it is doing nothing not even charging. The voltages are ok - the 4 volts on ic5 and on pin 48 on the ic 500 (I think).

Do you have an idea or is the board damaged from the leaked caps?

Thank you


Charging would not work at all, as the only way to charge the battery is externally in the charger.
If the player does not start and the fuse is ok (I assume, otherwise you would not be able to measure the voltages on ic5), make sure the cassette detection switch is ok.

Otherwise, the leaking caps might have caused a problem. We can help by checking it here as well, with a working donor board. That is how we quickly determine in what board the fault lies.