Original tapes not recognized by DCC170

Hi, I have an issue with a DCC170. It plays own recorded tapes but it doesn’t play pre-recorded tapes. I have tried to figure out what the issue could be but I can’t tell the difference between the two tapes. Only the protect button and the holes left bottom are different. But as far I know the holes are not used for any detection. What could be the issue causing this problem? (The belt has been replaced recently)

Could be a speed issue.
If it is too fast/slow this can happen. Pre-record might just be out of spec vs own recording on this portable.
Use a analog tape you trust to determine if the speed is ok.

Hello Ralf, thank you for your reply. We figured out that the cassette was not Recognized correctly. Possible cause: It could be that I didn’t press the PCB completely to the frame when I soldered the parts back together after a belt change. It must be minimum but could it cause the issue? The tapes I tested were not recorded with this DCC player. I have tested a pre-recorded tape and this played without issues. I don’t think the speed is a issue.

I had the exact same problem with one DCC170 which had a misadjusted head aligment or deformed casette tray… This happened when trying to charge the battery…
After a while charging the battery blew up and pressed with gread force against the casette tray, the upper door and because of the loaded casette against the DCC head… In my case the resulting error affected only one direction of tape.
To fix this unfortunately a mirror casette and professional procedure described in the service manual is needed.
Maybed your DCC has had such a mishap in the past…

Hello Michael, thank you for your reply. I haven’t checked an alignment issue. The player was sent back to it’s owner and he complaint about it. I offered to check it again but he didn’t answer. So it could be in the player before I received it for a belt change. It is something to keep in mind if it occurs next time.