Optimus DCT-2000 - Recapped but has three issues I'm looking for suggestions with

Hello, I am a new user and have just received my first DCC deck, the Optimus DCT-2000. I am very excited to get this deck operating properly. I have looked at various sites and followed the advice to replace all the surface mount caps and I found they were all leaking. Now, I have three problems I would appreciate suggestions for.

First, the deck does not want to open the sliding cover on digital cassettes. It drawer just closes and then almost immediately opens again. If I am very fast I can manually open the sliding cover and the deck WILL put the cassette into place and play music - - very nicely I might add. So I’d like to know how I can troubleshoot this.

Second, the deck will not record to dcc tapes (I know they won’t record to analog tapes). It goes through the motions but does not record when I playback. the meters move and the deck says it’s writing the start ID. I have tried analog and coaxial input with no luck.

Third, the deck will play analog tapes with but only the left channel. There is nothing from the right channel. The right channel meter does not move and there is no sound from the right channel.

I have cleaned the heads with a QTip and Isapropyl Alcohol. I have not used a demagnetizer but since it’s second hand it’s possible someone else did. Is there an azimuth setting on dcc decks like analog decks? Sorry about the multiple issues in one post, if that’s bad form I’ll break them up and tackle them one at a time. Thank you for any suggestions!


Welcome to the amazing world of DCC.

The first problem is that the left top part of the slider is broken. It opens the metal slider of every DCC.
It is an easy fix, as we have this part in stock. Contact [email protected]

The second and third problem could be related to many things, but combining them leads me to believe there could be a problem with the audio board. It has multiple layers and once the acid gets to the invisible middle layer, there is not much you can do.

You could send the mechanism, with read write board to us and we could connect it to our working audio boards, to see if it solves both of your problems.

But First you need to check if the a-b via connections om the read write board are ok.

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Thank you for the response!

I will send you an e-mail for the slider.

Regarding the audio board, that is the one connected to the back of the cassette mechanism correct? And by a-b, you are referring to the connections from one side of the board to the other? I will check that.

The one on the back of the mechanism is the read-write board. You should check the side a-b connections on that one. It might be hard, because the capacitors are in the way.

The audio board is connected to that board with a long flat cable, positioned on the right.