No bias for DCC, no erase head... how come?

In normal traditional analogue recording, to make high quality recordings possible, a system is used called BIAS. Double function for this is erasing an existing recording, but also preparing the tape to receive a new recording. DCC does not have this system, but is still capable to record and rerecord on a tape without any issues. How is that achieved?
Would it have been possible to use simpler tape if a bias system was applied?
Just to explain… BIAS current stirrs the magnetic particles up, so that the recording head has an easier job magnetising the tape… DCC doesn’t do this, and I was wondering why?

As the information is purely digital, writing 0’s and 1’s does not require erasing. It simply overwrites the existing digital information. When we tried overwriting a master tape with ITTS information (Master tapes coming from Philips), the current they used to write the information, could not be overwritten easily. There was still the old ITTS information, while listening to the new music. We had to manually erase the tape, before a successful recording could be made, but this is a problem nobody ever really runs in to.


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