New Read-Write Board for all first generation DCC Players

Hi All,

We just released a brand new Read-Write board for the following DCC Players:

Philips DCC900
Marantz DD82
Marantz DD92
Technics RSDC10
Panasonic RSDC10
Optimus 2000

More information;

A New Designed DCC Read-Write Board PW03 For Any First Generation Digital Compact Cassette Player.


Is it also possible to have the R/W boards of your player recycled?
I.e. I remove them from my players and send them in and have them replaced?

Are they a 1:1 drop in or do you need adjustment after fitting them?

If you send them in, they will be recycled. We are re-using the tda’s and copy the values of the resistors.
Then it is just a drop / plug and play.

To be 100% sure it would be great to send in the mech as well, so we can make sure the head is ok.

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Well It will have to wait until summer when tax money is in, but I will contact by then.

While waiting for that tax money you can enjoy this video: Fixing My Philips DCC Recorder for Good! - YouTube
A nice video from somebody that had 2 defective units and multiple failing attempts to fix them with the original board. But finally found this new replacement board and received support from the DCC museum.