New arrivals DCC900 and DCC951


After my first foray in to DCC territory with two dcc600’s and two dcc170’s

Today I managed to buy a DCC900 and a DCC951 and 16 tapes, 5 still shrinkwrapped.
Both are optically in pristine condition the 951 has a very minor scratch on the top near the back
and it is missing the remote and manual.

Both play without problems.
The 900 has a slow mechanism as predicted. but no dropouts, plays, records and plays analogue tape
without issues. I know this one will need a recap as all 900’s do. It’s saviour might have been that
it was stored for 10 years in good conditions.

Now the 951 is also working perfect though the remote and manual are missing.
A remote is on the way from germany.

What are the specific issues with the 951?
I just foud out the power caps have leaked. the smd ones ‘look’ ok…
How reliable are the smd ones? do they need replacing?
Or is it a solid machine that only needs service if it goes wrong?

Cleaning heads: can you use a q-tip and IPA or do i need a cleaning tape?

PS: Thanks DR DCC for the Ben Librand and FYC tapes.
I love the cute tiny DCCmuseum tote they came in!

Kind regards,
Marout Sluijter-Borms
Amsterdam NL

Hi @HainjeDAF , you will find that the large power caps have not leaked, they have a glue around them - unless you are very unlucky lol. I don’t think there is an issue (yet) with SMD caps on the 951/730 machines. I use q tips and IPA on my heads, I have an old Allsop three head cleaner which I have looked at using in the past but although it is good for the capstans, it is useless on the head. Usual suspects are pinch rollers, the capstan drive belt and the gear on the fast wind motor. If you need any PM me & I will point you in the right direction.

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Thanks Saturn5,

I’ll provide pictures of the power/IO board.
Maybe someone can shed some light wether it is glue or cap-pee…
The yellowy substance at the foot of the grey caoacitor

Kind regards,
Marout Sluijter-Borms

Is that blue capacitor swollen? If yes, replace it.

The brown goo on the circuit board is just glue, not electrolyte. My 730 has had that sitting on the circuit board for over 25 years and it works fine :slight_smile:


Dear Jac,

None of the caps are swollen or cracked at the pressure seal on top.
I’m now looking into the 900 with DR DCC’s youtube video on the matter next to it

I hope my stash of nichicons has the right values.

Kind regards,
Marout Sluijter-Borms

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Well, you are not alone, busy with 3 900’s!

Yes dude, You beat me at marktplaats ! :rofl:

But got these two off there also.

It’s a pity but the 900 needs serious remedial work.
Leaky caps and some vias show corrosion.
Appointment for it’s operation has been made.
As I am not sure if I am capable of doing this right.

Sorry about that :sweat_smile: I’ve checked all 3 of them, damage seems to be little, but no sound whatsoever. 2 decks had repairs done in the past, but unfortunately in 1 case only one cap, rest of the old ones are still there so… lots of work to be done!

Break a leg! :slight_smile:

I hope you get your repairs done succesfully. :+1: :+1:

I considered doing myself but I’m a novice to damaged pcbs.
So I’d rather have a pro at it.

Sure! I can imagine! I’ve got one here that looks like it allready has been recapped. But still it doesn’t work. In service mode it shows all tracks are faulty.
Now I imagine it to be an example of a skilled repairman who abandoned it because the head is blown… but than again I have no way of knowing so I just soldier on. I will place these boards in another player with the same milliamps on the head flexprint… just to see if there is life in them. I can’t measure them because them caps are all covered in a glue substance…

Looks like the script for a horror movie.
I hope you get them going.

I’ll react in your topic as i have a suggestion.

Please do!

Hi @HainjeDAF, from my experience almost every second DCC951 (and DCC730 too) mainboard suffer from insufficient soldering, the board has often a lot of colder junctions. I check every unit I service and resolder the board, especially mains jack and RCA jacks have often bad soldering.

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Well, mine came out really good after overhaul.

Only I’m now wondering what to do with so many decks.
I now also have the RS-D8 (which still needs servicing)

What is the problem your DC8 has?

No specific problem, The remote is AWOL.

I know it has been used in a smoking household and has been in the attic for
8-10 years. (judging by the recordings I got with it.

But my experience with DCC so far, is that most decks need service.
And most decks have to my knowledge a lager chance of survival if proper
service precedes use.
And I find the investment worth my while.

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The common weak points of DC8 are:

  1. Pinch rollers
  2. CAM motor gear
  3. Cracks in carrying plastics on the tape drive mechanism especially for both capstan holders
  4. One or both reels slide through in REW/FF mode at the end due to the crack in plastics
  5. Upper cassette holder contacts often suffers from corrosion
  6. Four 100uF SMD capacitors on the servo boards are always leaking
  7. The belt should be often replaced
  8. The tape head is very often (partially) dead
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