My Phillips DCC 130 stopped playing

Purchased from the dcc Museum about a year ago. It worked for the first few months perfectly but now will turn on but no tape movement. I hear a slight hum when I press Play but nothing happens. Is there anything I can test to see where the issue comes from?

Hi and welcome! Does it play analogue tapes? Can you wind or rewind? If not it might be the belt or the motor, possibly even the cam gear… something got stuck in it…

Ditto for all types of tapes. I will have a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Yeah probably the belt needs replacement.

The belt was already replaced. Could be the motor.

True, but I have had new belts snap. I admit, they were not good quality. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What belts are you using now @pvdm ?

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I have 2 suppliers now that I am pretty happy with: and phonohifishop on ebay.


Thank you everyone. After digging in it was the belt. It’s a newer belt but had somehow slipped off. All has been working well. I might look at getting a new one just in case.


Glad that everything is okay again! A slipped off belt right? Even in a nightmare I couldn’t come up with that one!

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