My Philips set-up (including partly-working DCC900)

My Philips stereo. It includes a DCC900 which I’ve been able to repair partly. The 2 famous PCBs are cleaned and all SMD caps have been replaced by new SMD caps. It plays and records DCC, but it is apparently still not able to read/write the AUX channel from/to DCC tapes. Sometimes it is able to extract the album title of the Demo DCC tape (“PHILIPS DCC”), but generally no text, index number or time-code is displayed. There are a few infrequent dropouts (especially on one of the cassettes, witch makes a bit of mechanical noise when in use). Playing analog tapes (just for testing) there is a lot of white noise covering most of the signal on one of the channels.

Cosmetically it looks like new, not a single scratch. Hopefully I’ll get it 100% working some day!

Also planning on increasing the total system height by adding a DCC951. If I can find one in good working condition and not too expensive, that is.