My 'new' dcc130

Hello all, i could pick up a DCC130 very cheap. It doesn’t have a battery, and according to the previous owner it doesn’t work on a battery. After looking in the battery compartment i think i found the issue. The left connectors (the side where there are 2 metalish connectors) are broken. One of them is really broken and the otherone is a little bit out of place.
Furthermore i am missing the cable to connect it to my amplifier.
Is There hope for this player to get it back in working order again (I dont know how to add a picture in this topic, will try it later today)
When connected to the charger the player Works flawlessly!

Thanks again for reading, and your time!

Inside the player was the DCC 'The ultimate dcc collection) :+1:

How much did you pay for it?

You can just drag pictures into the text or press the little upload icon above the text, there is no need for any external service.

Max, it worked !! Included the DCC (the DCC case was also included) i payed 50 euros


We have a spare part if needed, to replace the broken connectors.’we also have refurbished batteries.

You are already a patreon, so you can reach us at [email protected]

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In the meantime i’m testing this player. Side A not a problem and it starts side B automaticly and keeps playing well. When on B-Side i stop and try to ‘restart’ (B side) it really doesn’t want to play anymore. PLAY indication is there but after a few seconds it’s gone. When pressing the next or previous track buttons it’s not working (on B-side).
Then sometimes i have it on A-side and it switches automaticly to B-Side. Resume play and all the right hand side buttons have to be checked by someone with a lot of electrical knowledge. This is really above my head (too complicated that is).

Before i order a lot of things to repair i did some further testing (because i totally don’t have any experience with the portables). I started up Factory Mode, and what did i found out…When in factory mode all display functions are in order (it all lights up nicely), when pressing PLAY all things go as espected. So no problems there.
Then i press FF or REW and no segments are lighting up. It seems that the player receives the command from the key (i hear something happening) but it woun’t rewind backwards or forwards. Thats about the only technical error (aside from the battery connectors inside the battery compartment).
Could it be a ‘simple’ belt issue ?

From what you are describing, it really could be just the belt.
However, the capacitors on this one need replacing as well to prevent future problems, that might come very soon.

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i bought a Panasonic RQ-DP7 for 100 Euro inklunding all, except the cartonage. So a dead battery, the charger, all cables, the headphones with remote, the demo tape and the manual, also the wallet for the player. But it was not working, i am changing the capacitors, as most of them where on the way to leak. Also the belt is worn out, i am replacing it also.
Remember to change all capacitors on your DCC130 also, as they will leak sooner or earlier.

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Kaoos, sounds like a pretty good deal to me. But i´m not a repair guy, so i´m looking for somebody in the netherlands to replace capacitors, and changing the belt. The rest of what i’m missing i can order from the museum. Then we would have this baby ’ on the road again’.