My machine won’t play tapes again…

Hey guys I got sad news. Something in my machine failed again. I haven’t messed with my machine for about a year, I had the one module with the leaky caps replaced in January 2022 and it worked great. But now fast forward to April 2024 I am getting no audio from DCC and faint audio from an analog cassette. Did my head fail all the sudden? I know you guys are making new modules instead of capping old ones since I last had my machine in the shop. I did try and clean the head but no dice but it will still show a title on the display but not the levels of the tape. Hmmm? Help would be nice. Thanks!

Btw should I just give up on this model and get a non DCC-900?

If you’re hearing faint audio from analog cassettes, the problem is probably (still or again) related to capacitors on the read/write board.

No audio from DCC may be caused by a number of problems including pinch rollers, bad capacitors or board damage from leaked electrolyte, sticky pressure pads in cassettes, or (worst case) a failed head. In most cases, the head doesn’t just go bad though. The audio you’re hearing on analog cassettes might be a good sign that your head is okay and something else is wrong.


The thing is had my machine redone in early 2022 by the DCC museum. I sent the board and mechanism in for a recap and repair because the original seller of my unit hadn’t packed it correctly and damaged the tape mech in shipping

And I faintly hear analog tapes and no sound from DCC tapes.

I know you guys are making new read write boards?

I had mine done in January 2022 before these were available, will this fix my issue?

Most likely yes, a replacement read/write board will probably fix the issue. The custom chips need to be removed from the old board and installed on the new board.

Contact @drdcc to get the repair done.


It could be the PZ03, but also the PW03 board.
If you can send the mechanism and both boards, we are happy to check what is wrong and go from there.


But it will be awhile before I can send the parts out again, because money is tight right now. it will be a couple of months due to other projects I’m working on (gotta pay this guy for an antique phonograph and horn I’m getting) and my work hours got cut…

It’s been a couple years but both boards are attached to the mech part if I recall?

I forgot which board was which,