My first (working) DCC Player :) Philips DCC900

Well here you go. Picked up the Philips DCC900 and some cassettes today. Nice looking unit in great working condition.

The unit is the 110v Japanese local release. So it includes an external 240v to 110v step converter.

  • Black Crowes (their best LP)
  • INXS
  • Hall & Oates (still sealed)
  • 3 x 90min new blank cassettes
  • 3 x 60min new blank cassettes

Not a bad haul to get me started with DCC in a market (Australia) where it never took off (same with minidisc).

Now to get the portable unit working! Or sell to contribute towards this one :slight_smile:


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Great catch. In order to keep it working ,you must replace the capacitors asap to not risk damaging your DCC900. It is best to not use it before you either replace the capacitors or check if they have been replaced. If you do not see any leakage… it does not mean anything unfortunately.

Great that it is also 240V, so you do not need to worry about replacing the transformer, like we discussed.

Thanks! It is actually 110v (see the external 240v step down converter in the rear LHS corner of the photo! :slight_smile:

Ah, misunderstood. Then use the setup like this or replace it with the original 220V transformer.