MY DCC 450 eats tape when i load a tape

I have a very strange issue. At least for me. :frowning:
I bought a DCC 450 online which sometimes lacks power to close the door.
So i replaced this belt, and also the belt for the capstans.
I now suddenly have an issue were the player is not always reading the tape and says " NO CASSETTE" and when i load it again the tape is loaded but get eaten by the mechanism. If you look carefully the tapes comes out at the right side of the tape.
I cleaned the pinch rollers and all other parts with Isopropyl alcohol and that didn’t change anything. They don’t look worn out.
What could be the case? Did i maybe missed something which could cause this?
Is it common that suddenly the pinch rollers could cause this issue, or is it maybe something else that causes the tape to be eaten?
It looks like the pinch rollers or the head is not well pushed to the tape and therefore it eats the tape. Is there somewhere i can look too prevent this from happening?

In the meantime i have cleaned the pinch rollers and the don’t look old whatsoever. I also lubricated the transportmechanism and that works much smooter now but still didn’t solve the problem, but the issue with “NO CASSETTE” is gone, so i came a little bit further with solving the issue fortunately.

What it does exactly when i close the door.
It says reading. Start for 1 seconds, switches to the b-side start for 1 seconds and stops. When i open the door the tape is out for 3 centimeter. :grimacing:

Most likely the gear.

I missed this video. I have checked everything but not the gear. :grimacing: Unfortunately i have to wait until the end of august to be shipped, because the DCC museum is closed. Maybe i can find it somewhere else in the meantime. Thanks Ralf.

Doesn’t seem to be broken to me. :relieved:
Always listen to @drdcc

Does somebody know where to buy the correct gear that can be delivered to the Netherlands before mid august? Unfortunately the DCC museum is closed.