My 2nd DCC 300 delivered today. Opened for inspection

Today I got my 2nd dcc 300 player delivered.
First thing I did was to open it up for inspection.
Seller stated that both belts have been replaced.
But looking at the pinch-rollers they look like they have a cut where the tape’s upper and lower edge is running against it.
Is this normal or should these pinch-rollers be replaced asap?

Is something like this ok to use on pinch-rollers?
Or does it do more harm than good?

I cleaned it with IPA and it got much better.
But doesn’t IPA dry out the rubber even more?

IPA evaporates, and doesn’t leave a residu.

But in my opinion, it still looks like these pinch rollers should be replaced.

Ok, I will replace them asap when I receive my order from DCC Museum.
Is there any way of reaching the capstan farthest in without having to remove the whole assembly?
The inner pinch-roller is reachable (hardly) to clean with a Q-tip.
But the capstan sits beneath the loading mechanism.
So I guess that the assembly needs to be removed to access that capstan?.

To clean the capstans, I always use a long wooden saté-stick with some cotton and IPA on it.
You can use some pressure to clean the capstans.