Music track of Philips DCC player 1992

I hope that anyone might point me in the right direction. In 1992, Philips advertised the DCC player with a music track. I’m looking for the name/artist and possibly a recording of that music.

In this link: dcc 1992, I played the sound track myself (or at least, that is how I remember that sound track). Note: on the right bottom of the image, you need to click the speaker icon to switch on the sound.

Thank you so much!


Welcome @olav. I was not able to figure this one out, so I had asked him to post this.
Anyone able to help? Maybe @Jorn


@olav & @drdcc
It cound be this:
2 Unlimited-Get Ready For This

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I think it might be the one. Great catch @Jorn

What a shame that as far as I know, it is not even on a single prerecorded DCC.

Ha, that’s interesting! I’m Dutch and 2 Unlimited is/was Dutch too. I’m very familiar with this song as this was a hit when I was 16-18 years old and it was played all the time in bars.

However, unfortunately, this is not it.

Thank you for your suggestion, though! Much appreciated!


Oke Olav, this makes me even more curious, let me think about it.
I know there is more.
If you have more context.

Greetings Jorn

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If you @olav are referring to the original long Philips DCC commercial below are the tracks as they appear in the commercial:

  • 2 Unlimited - Get Ready 4 This
  • Bach - St. Matthew’s Passion
  • Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing
  • Brahms - Symphony No. 4
  • Bee Gees - Staying Alive
  • 2 Unlimited - Get Ready 4 This Orchestral Mix

Hope this helps.

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