MP3 on normal compact cassette

Hi Guys,

Totday i crossed on something extremely interesting! Not sure if this is a scam or really possible, but certainly worth checking. I thought normal cassettes don’t have the density of storing such an amount of data. So check this out:

It might be that it only contains the metadata of the song it needs to play. But in the end he gives the impression that all data (song and metadata) comes from the tape. Only very high baudrate recordings combined with high compression, 8bit?, etc… might do the trick…right???

Although here it is stated that a 60 minuten tape could only store around 24kbyte per side, way too little to be useful for storing any MP3 inclusief its metadata:



Interesting project. I seem to remember that I once had a similar idea of letting a cassette recorder play MP3’s by recording time reference data. But back then there weren’t any microcontrollers that could access gigabytes of data on a tiny SD card and if you needed an expensive hard disk, you might as well use the entire computer. So I’m sure if it was more than a fleeting thought, I probably still abandoned the idea pretty quickly. Now it’s an “easy” hobby project that anyone with an Internet connection and a couple of dollars in parts can do. Things sure have changed since the 1990s.

Too bad he disabled comments on the video.


Fyi: On YouTube i did place a comment. So you can leave a message or drop a question.

I got a reply from Nathan Stevens, as he indeed he is storing the metadata on cassette. Still a very nice project comparable to the DCC concept.