Marantz dd 82 switching betweend DCC and Analogue tape, while playing

My first experience was with the 2nd gen Philips which I was given and have now returned. However I found a mint Marantz for sale at 100 euro which I promptly bought. This player has never been opened and sound reproduction is great (so no busted caps, YET). The only problem is that during playback it sometimes switches between DCC and analogue modes, this happens with both DCC and ACC tapes. I though maybe the pins that differentiate between the tape types might have gotten dirty and malfunction? Any ideas?
Thank you


If you do not replace the caps and service the player, you will most likely damage it. Possibly permanently if you are unlucky.

Most people send in their player when it has already stopped working. With a first gen dcc player, like your Marantz you can’t be risking this.

We just serviced a new, never opened dcc900 and the even those capacitors leaked, so yours will be Surely be affected.


I’m completely agree with @drdcc.
The caps must be replaced ASAP.
They already started to lose their electrolyte.
You don’t notice anything at all at the beginning
but in couple of months both boards suffer from oxidation / corrosion caused by the liquid and finally the unit stops working. I’ve opened more then 80 exemplars of DD-82 and 99% of them had damage on boards caused the leaked capacitors.