Marantz DD-82 issues

I am experiencing issues with my Marantz DD-82. At the beginning, the device was able to read the TOC of a DCC, but no audio at all. It had issues too when playing analogue tapes, the sound was very quiet and unclear. So I decided to replace the old SMD caps on the read write board and on the digital board. After I replaced the caps it is not recognizing the TOC of DCCs at all and analogue playback is nearly impossible and noisy. It sounds like when you tune your FM radio to a frequency that is not occupied by any station.

What’s wrong with this device?

Hi and Welcome.

Here is a video about the TOC missing:

No analog could mean a problem around pin 16-18 I believe. The last pins of the flat connector on the Read-Write board are the Analog Signal. There is a capacitor of 68uF on top of them. That is most likely the problem. Either the side a-b connection on the board, a bad connection on a trace. Hopefully not the head.

Hello Ralf,

I created a video of the issue

So you do not have any sound.

Here is what to check:

All side A to Side B connections
Check the traces around the caps
It could also be the TDA has a failure or the head.

Did you recap the audio board as well (to the right under the cover)?

As you see in the video I have a loud rustle noise when playing analogue tapes. When I am using headphones I hear the music on the tape but very quiet and you can’t separate it properly from the noise.

I replaced the caps on the read write board first. As the situation has not changed I replaced the caps on the audio board too (I think we mean the same one, it’s the smaller one of the two socketed cards).

I ordered a new TDA1317H from China. As all caps are new and the connection between the two boards is ok I don’t have any idea what to do except of replacing the read amplifier IC.

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Great thinking. If the head is ok and all connections between A-B are working, it would be the next logical step. Be extremely careful when removing the old TDA. The soldering pads are very brittle.

I already removed the old IC. Now I have to wait a few weeks until the item arrives from China. I hope this helps, as a new read write board is really hard to find.

How did you get on with this issue you had out of curiosity?