Marantz DCC82 thoughts

Hi there,

I have been offered a Marantz DCC82 which apparently has been recapped.

The issue it has is that there is NO audio coming from the tape deck.
What is the best way to test if this is a board issue or head issue? Service Mode?

The monitor functions works and the audio input is heard.


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How does it behave with an analog tape?

I have asked the owner about this but no reply as yet.

Hi @bagpuss22,

If it has been recapped and no audio is coming out… someone has already given up.
That means (in my opinion) you should only buy this if it is really, really cheap.

In the last videos about the Marantz 82 and replacement of the head, you can see how to measure a head… but that requires removal of the mechanism, and can only be done after purchase. What is the asking price?


Hi Ralf,

The current asking price has just dropped to £95.


That would be right on the border were we would take the gamble.
For us it is different as we can always use the parts. That might be different for you.

Could become a very expensive paperweight or a big joy.


Ok, reply from owner and no audio from either DCC or Analogue…

Starting to feel this may be one to walk away from, although I do like a challenge.

Fully re-capped and no analogue audio whatsoever is a bad sign imho, well it could be the read-write-board that I am designing a replacement of but a dead head seems likely and in this case it would basically be worthless.

I would walk away.


I am feeling the same way, now…

I do find it hard to walk away as I would love to get this running.