Marantz DCC Treasures - Germany version

Hello all,

After lurking around on this forum I thought it was time to register as a member and see if I can make some contributions to the community as well.

I like audio and play DCC tapes regularly. Next to that I am a bit of collector. I thought it would be nice to to contribute to this community with items of my collection I have not seen in rich catalog of DCC Museum.

First item I like to share is the release for the German market of the Marantz DCC Treasures. Catalog number is the same but the Marantz logo and tag line have been changed to what was used in the German Market at the time.

I do not know if the booklet is in German, the tape is still sealed.

Let me know if you like this kind of posts. If so I post more in the future.


I have also the German version in my collection, but I a was not aware of it, thanks

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Hi Willem and welcome.

Thanks for educating us. I never knew that there was another version.
We will try and find one for the dcc museum


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I believe the tape is the same just with a different labels on it. It is not the most common tape, but by far not rare and definetely not expensive.

Sure @Max, I was not claiming for it to be expensive or super rare. I was simply trying to contribute to the community by helping to augment the rich catalogue listing the museum already has.



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My comment was for @drdcc as he did not know it. Any contribution is always welcome :+1:

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@Willem It did really help. @Jorn immediately offered his German Version.
So because of this we went from not knowing to receiving within a few hours.

@Max I did know they are not that rare, but the German Version is interesting. Wondering if there are any other International versions.

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In the last months sealed ones sold for 25€, which is not much for sealed prerecorded DCC. I quietly assumed you did not list it twice, because it is the same tape.