Malfunction 951 dcc

I am the owner of this model.I have watched something.Sometimes,when i reproduce a dcc tape and suddenly i stop the reproduction,and openning and closing the door,afterwords the reproduction sounds clearer.Can you tell me,why does it happens?Thank you very much for your responsibility.

When you say cleaner, do you mean dropouts? Have you tried cleaning the head?
If so, your belts or pinch rollers might need replacing.

I am not meaning drop outs, perhaps there is better pressure between the tape and the head. By chance because I am beginner, what does the word drop outs means? I suppose that the tape is jumping during reproduction, or the reproduction is interrupted during the tape running? .

Στις Κυρ, 17 Ιαν 2021, 2:31 π.μ. ο χρήστης Ralf Porankiewicz via DCC Museum Forum <[email protected]> έγραψε:

Have you replaced the pinch rollers? I would start with that.

A “drop-out” is the phenomenon that when you’re playing a DCC cassette, the audio intermittantly goes mute.
Like you would very shortly (a fraction of a second, or longer) turn the volume to “0”, and back up again.

Can you describe what you mean by “the audio sounds more clearer”. Do you mean more treble is present? Or do you mean that the audio is uninterrupted.?

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Yes i mean more treble

I’m not all that familiar with the electronics on a 730, but I suggest to remove the top panel, and to check the connectors on the backside of the tape drive unit.

Specifically the vertical connector (vertical on the tape drive) on the left side of the tape drive in this foto…(the one with the short cable, connecting to the motherboard a few cm further). I once had that connector sitting a bit loose, with muffled audio quality as a consequence.

Wear an anti-static wristband, or if not available, touch the housing of the deck regularly to avoid static electricity build-up.


The short cable between the deck and the bottom board that @MrD is taking about, carries the analog audio and yes, it may become a source of analog problems on digital tapes.

By the way, the connectors and cables that Philips used in the 3rd generation decks are still in production. I ordered some from Digikey in 2019 and I used them for making adapters to “spy” on the traffic with the front panel and the deck control board.



Has the problem been solved?

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