Low level output headphone

Hi, I have worked on a DCC170, operation works fine, but audio out and headphones out are low volume. I think it has something to do with a capacitor. Is someone able to identify the corresponding capacitor? I have tried to find it in the service manual but my expertise to read it completely is limited. Thank you in advanced. Roel

This is one is new to me, but very similar toe the DCC130-RQDP7 and ZD1 problem from the first generation portables. When replacing all capacitors, the audio always returns full spec, so I recommend replacing all smd caps on this board.

We have them in stock if needed.

Hi Ralf, I already changed the smd capacitors (not shown on the picture). One could be causing the issue I don’t want to replace them all again if not needed. Any idea which capacitor could be the cause?

If you replaced the capacitors and the problem remained, then something else could very well be the problem. Do you have a donor board to compare?