Looking for a dcc player

Hi, i looked a lot of movies and did search on websites for someone that i can trust to buy an dcc player from. I did read that the recommended players are ;

Technics rs-dc8 fourth gen
Philips dcc 730 Thirth gen
Philips dcc 600. Second gen
Marantz dd-82. 1st gen

Correct me if i am wrong. Does anyone know someone who’s willing to sell me one revised dcc player? Because i am no mechanic or technical person. Just a music lover.
Please help if Its possible.

@drdcc has some to offer where everything is fully serviced to the best of our knowledge: dccmuseum | eBay Shops. As a Patron you get a discount when you talk to him directly for a direct purchase, please write an e-mail to drdcc@dccmuseum.com.

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Thanks @max for the shout out. We have several options that you have in your list.


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Great, thank u so much that helped me made a wrong choice to purchase something.

Beste regards Rob

We “helped” you into a wrong choice?


Haha no Ralph, i almost bought one from somebody else. Then i thought to myself, let’s ask the people who does have the knowledge and the love for dcc.

Excuse me for my english. :+1:t2: