Link to the DCC Release Party May 1st

You will find all the information and link here.

Zoom has added the possibility to use High-Def, Stereo Audio, but a wired connection would be preferred.

Make sure you download the application prior to the release party and use the settings provided in the link.

That way the performances will be available for your maximum viewing and listening pleasure.

Ben Liebrand will present the The Johnny Guitar Watson DCC Delight Mix live on May 1st, during the online release party.

The new JGW DCC will come in two different versions, including another spectacular Jeremy Heiden Patreon special.

May 1st. Save the date.

11AM Los Angeles

8PM Amsterdam

7PM London

2PM New York


Release Party


JGW and DCC. A good combination.

It will definitely sound better than my old copy:

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It will have a few more tracks than the vinyl version too.


This is the album. 7 tracks. :upside_down_face:


You will like the DCC. :wink:

=== Jac


How will the ordering take place for both versions. Keen to get both:).

Right after the presentation, we will update the website.
That will make it more clear.

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Okay can not wait:)

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Have to wait for next month to buy. Bills to pay and such

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