Less bass when playing dcc 600, vu meter dcc 951

I have 2 dcc 600 recorders, I fixed both of them, cleaned and demagnetised the heads, replaced the second gear and belts, cleaned the capstan, rollers and loading mechanism

I hooked the machines on my marantz sr5014 and ud 5007 multiplayer. I use a extra cinch switch for input to the decks, because my marantz doesn’t have enough outputs.

Now the problem, on digital recordings the dcc has much less bass than my cd player. Is that normal?

Or can I fix it. I have tried both the analogue and digital outputs, same result
: less bass.

I am considering buying a dcc951 does that model sound better? It has no vu meters, how do I set up recording level



Hi and welcome to the forum.

Demagnetizing can badly damage the head and should not be done, you are lucky if your head survived. This is listed in the official manual from back in the day.

I have never heard of low bass levels, it could be faulty PASC decoding hardware, but you should wait for the experts.

You do not need to setup the recording level for digital inputs, for analog on the 730 it is described in the manual on page 13.

Hi and Welcome

My guess is that both heads could be damaged by demagnetizing them.
Do they play normally with a prerecorded DCC?


Dcc cassettes play and record fine

One dcc 600 has no right channel on analogue tapes

If you are not hearing the full lower spectrum when recording DCC, there is something wrong.
If you play a prerecorded DCC, is the full spectrum there (including all lower frequencies)?

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Hi Ronald, welcome.

How do you know the DCC cassettes record fine? You just said you are missing lower bass.

IMHO, I think it’s your setup. It might have something to do with the source you are using, e.g. the output from your Marantz to your input on your DCC600.

What you could try:

  • Get rid of the cinch switch in between to allow for a less faulty setup.
  • Use DCC tapes for recording and connect the record source directly to your DCC player.
  • Try different sources for direct input, like cd player digital output, and also try analog.
  • When recording, use the output from your DCC (such as headphones) to listen if you are missing base. If you can’t hear the base, there could be something wrong with the DCC electronics like Max said, but I never encountered that.

I am indeed thinking of changing the setup, the audio feed with a switch in between. The signal on the tape is digital, either works, or it doesn’t.

However, I read in an old review that the dcc600 has less bass due to inferior output circuits. The marantz is much newer and could have better circuits

I will change setup, just to eliminate one possible cause…

However, I read in an old review that the dcc600 has less bass due to inferior output circuits.

That is absolute nonsense… what is your source about that?