Japanese releases

Greetings, Community!

Does anybody have any info about releases for the Japanese market or tips how I can find information about those? In my imagination, there should be DCC releases by Japanese artists, but I don’t know if thats true or not. Until now, I only searched on eBay, without success, and would appreciate tips where else to look if possible.

Maybe there could also be a Blog-Post on the museum Homepage, if the collective knowledge yields enough results?

Thanks for reading and if applicable for answering, I’ll hang around while I wait for my copy of the DCC Documentary.

Cheers Everyone!

Hi and Welcome,

The DCC releases for Japan rarely show up on Ebay.
Most Japanese sellers use local selling tools like Yahoo.

@Max Maybe we could consider a special entry in the database for them?

We have about 10-15 Japanese titles. There should be quite a few more, but that is a wild guess.


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I had a look on yahoo auctions and found this: ヤフオク! - DCC デジタルオーディオカセット クラシック 大... mostly classical from what I can see, but I can’t read too much Japanese, also there’s some info on the Japanese Wikipedia and links on there. Seems to be hard to find and pretty expensive, all in all, but I’ll keep digging, maybe there’s a place I haven’t found yet.

Those titles I would not consider Japanese releases, but that might be just my opinion. They are made in Europe and have an extra Japanese wrapping over the original English one.

These two titles came in this week and are Japanese titles, not released in Europe as far as we know.


thanks for the explanation, I tend to agree with you about the Japanese-ness of the wrapped European DCCs.

I’ll keep looking for sites that give me additional insights into the japanese DCC-history, I’ll share what I find if it appears relevant :slight_smile: