ITTS Tapes list

And which tapes have more complex ITTS than the default?

Ralf Porankiewicz / DRDCC Presents ITTS Info The Digital Compact Cassette Convention, June 23 2019

If you look at this video on Youtube at 12.23 min there is the list currently known with lyrics. @Max

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Thank you! At least all of them except the demo seem to be readily avaible. Which one do you have avaible and at what cost?

Here is the video as a real link including timestamp for future visitors of this thread.

By the way, the legs in the downright corner are mine :sweat_smile:.

I will investigate when I get back.
A couple of titles usually are on ebay from other channels as well.

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Is the list complete or have you discovered other titles? Do you have a list of the 3rd gen texts as well?

I guess it will only be complete after testing all tapes. We are missing around 500 still

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Does Human Wheels by John Mellencamp (314-518 088-5) have 3rd gen text on a DCC730? My copy that had dropouts showed it on one try, not before and not after despite it fully working now without any dropouts.
If not this would be the proof that 3rd gen text is in fact ITTS but with a very small difference in bits.

It does not. Only the sample tape from Supertramp has this possibility.
The other titles, including yours, will show the info on the ITTS box only.

Now we know fairly certain that 3rd gen text is ITTS with some minor difference because it defenitely read it on this occasion.

If you check for ITTS, do you also check if the 1 and 2 line mode is working?

Which 3rd gen-only text tapes do you know, I don’t expect a complete list but maybe one that is readily available?

Unless I am missing something, your tape is not reacting any different vs other pre-recorded tapes.
If you think it does, I would like to see a video.

On the ITTS box only it will show the potential.
I have attached 4 pictures:

Overview ITTS at 21 lines
Track listing 1 line
Track listing 2 lines
Track listing 21 lines
1 line 2 lines 21 lines Overview ITTS at 21 lines

I guess we have unclear terminology.
I refer to any characters on the screen as text including the title and to song texts as lyrics.

I specifically asked if the tape contains 3rd gen text.

Do you test all tapes that you test for ITTS in all line modes? I think we should extend the database to contain specific information what kinds of text are available.

Yes, all tests are done on ITTS and 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen players.
They all show 1, 2 and 21 lines on there.
They all show Artist, Track and Album info, but no tape will show lyrics. Only on the ITTS box.

The only tape doing both is the unreleased Supertramp album.

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Do the lyrics on the ITTS box work in 1-Line mode?

Only on 21. Not in 1 or 2 line mode on the ITTS box.
The Supertramp does and that is why it will work on the 951/730.

It will also work on the DCC91 and 450. That was a big discovery 2 years agao.
Interesting thing is that the 450 currently is permanently connected to the ITTS box. If you select Lyrics on the 450, then the ITTS box stops working and not show lyrics. If you select Artist, Track, Album on the 450 ,the ITTS box starts working again and show lyrics.


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You could have told me that sooner, but now we now we can be 100% certain that all text on DCC is ITTS.

Do DCC link recorded tapes show the title also on 2- and 21-line displays?

There are most likely a lot of things that I could have told you sooner hahaha.
One could also say you should have asked.


EVERY prerecorded tape has ITTS information.

Lyrics are part of the ITTS stream but even if a tape doesn’t have lyrics, a prerecorded tape must still have ITTS information.

What we call “3rd gen text” is the information that can be stored in the AUXINFO by 3rd generation recorders, right? The 1st and 2nd generation recorders ignore this information, they only see the markers in the AUX track.

FYI: Ralf and I talked about this a while ago. The software that runs on the main controller has a number of different tasks. One of the tasks is to update the front panel and one of the tasks is to forward the ITTS information from the SYSINFO to the DAIO chip so that it gets encoded into the SPDIF stream. When the front panel is in Lyrics mode, the task that updates the front panel has to work together with the task that reads the ITTS information from the tape, so the ITTS task is probably written so that it changes to a different mode where it filters out everything except for the lyrics info, and makes the data available to the front panel task instead of sending it out to the DAIO.

That makes sense because the main controller in the 2nd generation machines is not very powerful like in the 3rd generation.



I think tapes can contain a TOC (in the AUXINFO) as well as ITTS (in SYSINFO) but I have a funny feeling that the TOC feature isn’t used by any recorder. Further research is required. For example the DCC-175 writes a really long lead-in and the 730 skips over it. But when you record a tape with the 730 it starts recording music almost right away. I’ve always wondered if the 175 actually writes a TOC in the AUX track. One day we’ll find out.


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Still interested.

I think I did, but I don’t remember where.

@Jac could you update the wiki on this or should I do that?

Are you sharpshooting me punk? (Clint Eastwood).

The DCC link recorded titles, they are called super user tapes, will not show up, with any info on the ITTS box.

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