IREC Head current


Would anyone have a database reference for the Irec adjustment for a dcc head marked 137mA

The irec pot on the RW pcb needed replacement due to corrosion so I do not have a reference voltage. the original faulty head 162mA

Hoping that someone has replaced one with same or similar current rating

Would this be close to 1.08v across j151/152


Our data only shows 146mA to 180mA.
Since the voltage across the jumpers is then calculated between 1.285V (146mA) to 1.7V (180mA), it is safe to assume that your voltage should indeed be around 1.1V.

The IREC moves between 22Ohm and 57Ohm on that data. on R167.

Can you share what replacement adj resistor you bought to replace and where?


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Hello yes

Straight from China!

Also where can I obtain 4 pinch rollers to suit the DCC900/DD82 players does the dcc museum have any sources?


We have new Pinch rollers available for all models.
You can e-mail us to order.