IR probleem DCC 600

Sinds enige tijd ben ik in het bezit van een DCC 600 speler die naar behoren functioneert op een punt na. De remote doet het niet. Ik heb een check gedaan en de speler ontvangt en detecteert signalen van de remote.

Toch reageert hij niet op een remote input. Wat kan het probleem/oplossing zijn?

Alvast hartelijk dank voor jullie reacties.

Welcome to the forums! Let’s continue in English so others can benefit from what we might learn from your problem.

Are you using an original remote control that’s intended for your DCC recorder (a remote that was included with the recorder)? Or are you using a different remote?

Are you using fresh batteries in the remote?

It’s possible that, because of age, the signals from the remote aren’t exactly are the right frequency anymore or something. What kind of tools do you have, to check this sort of thing?

We also have no idea how much you know about electronics and electronic troubleshooting. Can you tell us something about yourself?

There are (or were) universal remote controls that can/could be programmed to control DCC recorders using the Philips RC5 standard. For example I have a Logitech Harmony universal remote that can do it; unfortunately Logitech stopped making Harmony remotes but they might still be available on eBay or Marketplace or something.

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The display shows that during the IR test the unit was receiving an RC-5 code which the DCC600 does not use i.e. 20/18 which is CD player/ Brightness +. The DCC600 responds to codes for device 23 (Recorder 2) so for instance when you press the standby key the display should show 23/12 which is device 23/command 12 or Recorder 2/standby. The most likely reason that your device is mis-translating the codes as CD ones is that the batteries are low in the remote (as Jac has said) or that you are using the wrong remote (i.e. one for a CD player).

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In my first answer, I intended to make it clear that if you’re using a remote control for a stereo system instead of the remote for the DCC recorder, it might be transmitting the code for a different device, as @gazefray pointed out. Anyway, that’s why I asked what kind of remote control you’re using.

By the way, Philips reused the DCC codes for MiniDisc later on, so if you can find a remote that transmits minidisc codes for Philips (and Marantz and other) devices, it will probably work with your DCC player too.


Thank you all for replying to my post. The remote is a original DCC remote and it worked before. That’s why I’m wondering what could be wrong. I will send you a picture of the remote tomorrow. I was a few days offline.

Hereby I send the picture of the remote. The one one the left is not working on the dcc600. The universal remote did work. But I’m sure the old one worked before. So I have a working remote at least :wink:

Most likely the original remote is broken. They are often offered for sale, so a replacement is easy to find.

Is there a possibility to fix the old remote? I didn’t open it.

If it’s a simple problem like corroded battery contacts or dirty buttons, yes. But the electronics are all probably in a chip under a blob of epoxy and there’s no way to repair that, as far as I’m aware.


I’ve never mended one of these remotes but I’ve mended tons of other makes from this era. First remove any screws you can find. You’ll then need to make yourself a “spudger” out of a thin sheet of clear polyethylene (an off cut of a blister pack will do) to insert between the two halves of the clam shell so you can work them apart. Most remotes are snapped together and this saves your finger nails. Once apart there will probably be a rubber membrane for the buttons and carbon tracks underneath it on the PCB. Often moisture collects here and all you need do is dry it out. There will be a single IC where the remote codes are programmed and what you are looking for is a small yellow box marked 455. This is the 455 kHz crystal oscillator and its either faulty of needs re soldering. If you are lucky its the latter. If not they are readily available for cheap - its worth a try because your remote still works but the codes are corrupted and RC-5 is all about timing so its probably a dodgy crystal. Good luck.

Thank you for the reply I will give it a try tomorrow. In the meanwhile I was lucky receiving a working remote buying a DCC 300.