I bought a dead Philips DCC 300

Hi, I’m new here and bought my first DCC player.
It is a Philips DCC 300, advertised as not powering up.
I thought it might be a broken fuse so I got it.

What voltages should I get from the power supply?

Is it salvageable?

Thank you

Welcome to the forums!

You can download the service manual for the DCC300 at https://digitalcompactcassette.github.io/Documentation/Service%20Manuals/philips_dcc300.pdf.

It’s likely that it’s fixable if the head is good but there are some other potential problems such as broken gears. They can be obtained from the DCC museum if necessary.


Hello, I’ve got the same problem and the service manual doesn’t mension a thing about the power supply, I messeared the output on a working one and results on the 8 pins terminal are: pin1and2 -6Vdc, pin 3 31Vdc, pin 4 and5 20Vdc, pin 6 is ground, pin 7 40Vdc, pin 8 -11Vdc, I meassured from pin 6 to the other pin’s assuming that pin 6 is ground. I’ve find out that there wasn’t any fuse blowed but 2 transistor C32740 and 1 zener diode C30PH, I replaced the 2 transistors with BC327 and the zener by a BZX85C30 but still nothing!! Does anyone have an idea?

Hello members, I wrote in my first message about my problem with the faulty power supply and I have to make some corrections on that, I found out that when meassuring the voltage, the power supply has to be disconnected from the mainboard and that the ground is on pin 4 and 5, so the voltages are from ground(pin 4&5): pin1 -25Vdc, pin2 -25Vdc, pin3 12Vdc, pin6 -19Vdc, pin7 19Vdc, pin8 -31Vdc, these are correct, meassured from a 100% working power Supply, sorry for my mistake.