How to digitally record DCC albums on pc?

I’m from the analog era, so I really haven’t got much affinity with digital technology.
But learning everyday I got the idea to record (and backup) the digital information from my DCC tapes to my PC, primarily meant for playing my DCC albums at my desktop computer.

I searched for simple spdif and coax converters to USB but got nowhere. They all tend to transform from digital to analog before entering the pc. And I just want that digital stream to save it in the highest quality possible…

As stated above, I’m really a novice in this area, and in need for some guidance to understand this matter for it’s all mind-boggling for me. I’ve read about sampling but I need the digital stream first. But then again if I have a digital stream, who needs sampling if I could use that same stream to save it in any format that can be listened to. And the same quality as it was in DCC format without compromising.

What should I do to get the digital stream on my pc and save or convert it to FLAC, of course without the step to convert to analog audio and back.
Is there a digital input available for pc that I can buy and capture the digital stream from and convert it to a file format to listen to?

Many thanks for helping me on my way, any help greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

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