How to copy from Windows laptop to DCC

I have a lot of music on my Window laptop. Need to know how I can copy from my laptop to my Philips DCC900 or DCC170. Who can help me?

That depends on the connection on your laptop. I assume it only has a headphone out? Possible line out? That would min a 3 ring headphone cable on both sides from computer to the line input of your DCC player if it is a portable or a 3 ring headphone to 2x rca for the 900. I can send you pictures if needed.

Your laptop probably has an HDMI output. You can buy an HDMI splitter online for about $40 that will split HDMI into dvi and SPDIF digital audio (optical or coax). You can connect that to a digital input of the DCC170 or DCC900. You may have to configure the output to use PCM audio only (at 44.1 or 48 kHz), otherwise it might do Dolby Digital or something else, and the DCC recorder won’t understand.


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Thank you for your advices. Going to find out!

easiest solution:

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Where can I buy this?

Many devices of this kind are available online from places like Amazon and Alibaba.


for instance here:

Thank you for the tips and advice. I now own the tool that is shown by PvdM. It works easy and simple and I have already copied my first music from my laptop to DCC. Works great.



Glad to have been able to help you. :+1: