How to adjust a DCC900 r/w board when the DCC head has no mA written on the flat cable?

Hi to all,

I guess the title says it all. The flat cable of the DCC900 head has no mA value on it…
Any useful tips?

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If the flat cable on the head has no markings (never seen that actually), you should start with acting like it is 135mA and increase by 10mA and adjust the adjustable resistors with the help of our video until it works. It should play at any level, but the adjustments are for recording only.

It only says 322 on the smaller part of the flat cable…

Until it works… you mean until it actually erases and thus records something new on the tape?

Based on your formula (12 ohm, value between 40-48 mA) I should input 135 mA, which corresponds to 1,092 V measured on the contacts. Then I keep on increasing it?

Yes, that is what I mean.