How a DCC 170 became a 175?

Yesterday evening one of my 170’s decided to stop functioning. It stopped and it wouldn’t response to powering it up. No charging after pressing stop, so I thought it was the belt although it is relatively new. I dismantled it and saw that the belt was still in good condition.
After reassembling still nothing.
Just as an experiment I replaced the main board with an old board from a 175… and it powered on!
Replaced the lid hinge and put it together with the silver top and bottom from the 175 and all is well!
But… did I just create a Frankenstein 175? And will it function like a 175 provided with the cable? I have no way of testing this.

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We have done this multiple times. 170-175 and vice versa. It works.
The only difference is that board (besides cosmetic).


Yes, I’ve done that too and got two non-working 175’s to work. Unfortunately I messed up when I put things back together again: I replaced the fuse of one of them and while I did that, a tiny ball of solder tin ended up shorting a transistor so although that 175 still kind of works, it always goes into rewind when I power it up.

The PC cable still works too.

=== Jac

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I guess some strong words after you discovered that than @Jac !

Obviously I’m over the moon with the function restored. I played it all day today in service mode and it is all 000000000 when playing. And it is nice to have this old skeleton of a 175 giving live after 10 years!
But still… what went wrong with the bord all over sudden???
I think I will leave it for a couple of days and than replace it. Just to see if it springs to life again. I’ve seen it happen before…