High quality type 2 tapes (analogue)

Hi, now I know we should not play analog tapes in our dcc players because of the heads right?
Now I have a large quantity of high quality Maxell xrII epitaxial tapes. Are these bad to play as well? I get that type 1 is bad but does that also mean for these high quality tapes? TDK SA or even the ME tapes?
I don’t want to risk my heads so I need to know for sure and since the dcc tapes are of chromium I thought these might be okay?

Hi @Fretlessfender , I’m sure I have read that some have used quality chromium tape from analogue audio cassettes in DCC shells so this may be a good use for your chromium tape?

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Thank you @saturn5 !
I’ve tried making dcc cassettes out of chromium tapes in the 90’s and to put it mildly that wasn’t a raging success. I managed only 1 sony tape to more or less record reliability but still with quite some dropouts. I didn’t know about service mode back in the day so I can’t be sure about how many faults there really were. I quess quite a few.

No I ask this because all those tapes I have contain lot’s of music, some from bandrehearsels that I would like to preserve. And since DCC recorder put out a digital SPDIF signal even if you play analogue tapes it would be a great tool to copy them to a computer. I noticed that the quality of the recordings are slowly fading a bit (mainly high frequenties) so it is time to do something to keep them save…

But obviously I would not care being left with a broken head after copying 250+ tapes…

@Jac @drdcc what do you think? I am not really sure.

You can get a decent USB sound card quite cheaply or an ADC which also outputs S/PDIF.

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