Hi from a noob to DCC - getting up & started with a Philips DCC130

Hi DCC Museum members and admins.

You have a great site here. Well done. Love how community groups can keep old formats alive for the future. In the 90’s I was a MiniDisc enthusiast - and still use them to today. My Hifi of choice is Technics Japanese made (late 70s, 80s & 90s) gear. I even imported a UK Technics Minidisc deck to Australia to go into my main rig. I like old formats (back to Reel to Reel & 8-track) - and only have DCC and DAT to acquire to complete most of the main formats into my collection.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to find this (pictured) at a Garage (Yard) sale in Melbourne. A Philips DC130 1st Gen Portable player. With box, still sealed demo cassette, charger, battery, case and a blank cassette. It was missing the original headphones.

The battery - an old custom Philips SBC6430 Nicad rechargeable - is of course dead and won’t take charge. There is no cord to connected the DC in to the charger. Will be off today to find one of those so I can see if it will power up via DC. Good fun :smiley:

IF it does - and it is in working order - my questions would be can I source a replacement battery from here - and would anyone have a spare working OE headphones set that came with this? This one had the in-ear ones with volume control etc inline.

Will report back if I can get it working (might even work of a USB 5v power to input cable). Of course, the dream would be to get a Technics DCC player (deck) for my hifi rig. $$$ scary stuff!

Oh - and here’s my main rig just for sharing :slight_smile: Currently switched out the Linear tracking Kenwood TT for a Pro-ject Carbon Esprit with Ortofon Blue. Still trying to find a black Tecchnics SL-1600 MkII to complete the setup :smiley:

Nice find and welcome to the forum.

The player would most likely need a little TLC.
Belts, capacitors for sure. All parts can be found in our shop for Patreons, including a new battery.

The in ear is original that you have. Some models came with over ear headphones. All of them should have the remote attached.


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Hey Ralf.

Thanks for all your help. So I received the parcel with the parts purchased here. The new battery shows as fully charged in the charger. However both the battery when inserted - and the DC cable from charger to unit supplied fails to register any power on with the DCC 130.

I opened up the unit and reckon I saw a leak around at least 1 capacitor on the middle(?) board. The belt seems to be in place and working/turning.

Other than paying a tech here to follow the video instructions to replace the caps - is there anything else that likely may be at fault causing no power on? I would also like to replace the battery transport in the unit with the replacement sent to me - so assume this can be removed and switched out!


It could be several things. There is a fuse that will blow if capacitors cause problems.
The fuse is easy to find (right next to the power in from the mains). You can also download the service manual to look. Capacitors need to be replaced as well and the belt is always a problem.

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