Hi All! New to the DCC format and forum

Hello everyone!

Im new to the DCC format and I’ve recently managed to come across two DCC players.
One 300 and one 951.
Both are having issues wich I will adress in another post.
Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
The DCC really is an interesting format and I hope to be able to fix both of my players.
Im situated in Sweden.

See you all in the forum.
Long live the DCC!

Best Regards


Welcome to the forums!

As long as the heads are okay, DCC recorders can usually be fixed. Each recorder has its own quirks. Most problems with the DCC300 and DCC951 are mechanical. I hope we can help you get your recorders to work, so you can enjoy DCC the way it was supposed to be enjoyed!


Thank you so much.
I really appreciate the kindness and your will to help out.


Hi and welcome,

Happy to help in any way we can to get both of them going.
Seems like you ordered the right parts already.


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Welcome Mikael!
Hope you have a nice time here, I sure have!
Let’s put those two players back together again and make them SING!

Yes I’ve ordered several parts.
Hopefully they can be sent in the same shipping.

Sing Hallelujah!
Thank you Mr Fender.
Really exited to get them up n running again.

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Let’s make some music!